My live reactions to the latest Avengers trailer…in words!

Avengers Age of Ultron title

The whole trailer-reaction gig has been going for a while on the YouTubes and I thought I’d get in on the act in my own particular way.
The trailer I’m reacting to can be found here. If you start the trailer and immediately start reading, it coincidentally syncs up perfectly with what you would be seeing if you were actually watching the trailer. Technology eh? Of course, all that you will be reading occurred in real-time whilst watching the trailer, word for word as you see it here. Without further ado, press play and here we go!

Ok, so here we go. New Avengers trailer. Appropriate audiences? Well I think that’s me. Ooh mountains. That’s quite a lovely castle. Um…errrrr…Ultron being evil. We’ve got a city, bit of art, oh there’s a plane. That’s good, that’s good. People watching. Meh, that’s nice. Um, bwurgh, what was that? Ah he’s unplugging, like the Matrix. Boom, explosions. Um, and people running, yup this always happens, s’bad y’know. Oh don’t know what he said there but yeah, buildings exploding, it’s Marvel, gonna be awesome. Yeah, more building casualties. Tony Stark not doing any work, just getting bots to build stuff.
Yes, A.I. artificial intelligence is bad, it’s just…computers thinking is not a good idea, not a good idea. Meh…yup. Oooh bit of Hulk-Widow romance there, saucy. *brief chuckle*. Owoah that’s cool! Oh man. Seems weirdly unnecessary dropping her there but…um. Nick Fury there, ruining Captain America: Winter Soldier. Fighting…death! Yup, someone’s going to die – blatantly. Somene’s gonna die. So, more Whedon quips, which is good. And yeah, lots of Hulk versus Iron Man which you’ve seen in every flippin’ trailer. And the Avengers turn on each other! Which y’know, reminds me of the first film somewhat…
And yup there’s a massive army. Great. Cool. Boom. Everyone gets tooled up, and oh that’s a nice shot, like that. So I think that’ll be quite fun, yeah yeah, ohmygosh it’s Paul Bettany!

So there you have it, my as-it-happened live reactions to the Marvel Studios Comics Avengers Age of Ultron UK Official International Teaser Extended First Look Clip Number 3D. It looks great in all honesty, more superhero team shenanigans that are sure to come across well thanks to the guiding hand of Joss Whedon. All hail the Mighty Whedon etc. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get my fix by watching Firefly from start to finish…maybe twice.

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