Soundtrack Slice #1 – Raised in the Odeon

A soundtrack – whether composed or selected – can do wonders in elevating the movie-going experience, and the art of the well placed piece of music is something very difficult indeed. The ones that do work tend to stick in the mind, forever invoking the cinematic memories attached to them whilst you tilt your head to one side and gaze upwards.

In this new series of blog posts, I’m going to pick out my particular favourite tracks, share them with you, and rattle on a bit about why I enjoy them. Let’s get started.

#1 – I Like It Like That
Artist: Pete Rodriguez
Associated with: Odeon Cinemas

My first entry is somewhat of a cheat. Neither from a film nor a trailer (when I first heard it), it used to accompany the opening titles that preceded any film that you went to see at an Odeon cinema and is intrinsically associated with my childhood movie experiences.

An Odeon cinema – the Richmond Odeon to be precise – was the closest cinema to me while I was growing up. Perched overlooking the main bridge leading into the high street, it still stands like a sentinel guarding the pathway to a town where some of the rich and famous reside (I saw John Hannah there once!). Some of my earliest film memories come from that cinema. Admittedly I don’t have many memories, seeing as back in my youth I was hardly the cinephile that I am today (largely due to adherence to age ratings and having no personal source of income) but they are etched into my memory. Two that stand out are going to see Disney’s Hercules for a friend’s birthday and a surprise trip where my parents convinced me we that even though we were heading to Richmond, a film was not on the cards, only to reveal at the last moment that the opposite was true. I remember being uncontrollably giddy.

When the lights went down in the auditorium the first thing you would see was the Odeon titles, and for quite a while this Pete Rodriguez number would accompany them. For my money it’s a fantastically well-chosen song; the combination of the beat, funky bass line, and laughter sounds like the start to an extremely cool party. It’s perhaps a strange choice, but it just works, and whenever I heard this I knew I was about to be transported to cinematic heaven.

The track had a good stint as the intro music for the Odeon until it was replaced by others but I’ve never found them to be as infectious as this, maybe my childhood mind was more easily dazzled…just maybe. It’s not a well-known song but it has resurfaced this year in the movie Chef, but to me it’ll always be the doorbell to my early cinema memories.

Here in all it’s (slightly chopped) glory is the intro:

Do you remember this from your trips to Odeon cinemas? What tracks from films have stuck in your mind? Feel free to wax lyrical in the comments below.

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