And so it begins…

Hello fellow film-lovers and regular folk of the interwebs! Welcome to the first post of Kyle on Film!

Got a whiff of that new blog smell? You’re right, this is my first ever foray into blogging and thus it is so very shiny and uncontaminated by terrible writing and silly opinions. On here I will be posting bi-weekly about film, cinema, and movies in general, anything that tickles my fancy. It may be a review, it may not – you’ll just have to read to find out.

Why films and blogging? Well why ever not?! I have loved cinema ever since as a young lad I was mesmerised by a silver screen larger than my bedroom wall, and found a medium that sucked me in akin to a gripping book. Worlds were formed and explored before my eyes, characters grew and changed, and I cared. From then on going to the cinema to watch a film was an expedition in its own right, and I could not wait for the next one. From my childhood up till the present day I have continued to watch films; from action to comedy, romance to horror, classic to modern, and many more. To me film is an essential art form through which so many things can be expressed. It is the height of visual storytelling and it keeps on giving. I’ve not studied film nor have I read many books on it. I just love it. So as this blog continues I will be endeavouring to go deeper into films, to explore their meanings, and know what I’m talking about! You’ll be getting my honest opinions and any interesting facts that I find along the way, all the while chronicling my continued cinematic journey.

The blogging aspect pairs well with my love to talk…and rarely shut up, as my parents will testify! We all know that if there’s something you love, it’s hard to keep quiet about it. My writing style (as you may have noticed!) is not very refined, but it does give me great joy to hammer out words on a keyboard or scrawl sentences on paper. I’m hoping that blogging will improve my writing somewhat, hopefully up to a point where it is fun to read and doesn’t put you to sleep after the first sentence! Perhaps I’ll even be writing my own screenplay too…

If you’ve read this far I sincerely hope that you stick around, check in once in a while and foster your own enjoyment of films.

Here’s looking at you, kids!


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